About materials

Materials and tools that I use in the ceramic workshop.


In the ceramic workshop, I use a variety of materials, tools and technical aids. Some of them I would like to mention in this section.


1. Plastic mass / slip casting mass:


Ceramic objects are made of ceramic mass/body. It can be white clay (cream-colored) or noble porcelain that is pure white. I buy ready-made powdered mass from producers and after mixing with water I can use it for slip casting in plaster moulds. The mass can also be bought in a plastic form, which I use for throwing on a potter's wheel. There are a lot of various clay bodies on the market. In my workshop, I mainly use french porcelain for slip casting and white clay for potter's wheel work.


2. Plaster molds:

I use molds for casting very different shapes, such as spheres, vases, cups. Molds are used to get the repeatable shape of finished products. However, casting is not a simple task. You need to have the right knowledge so that the castings come out without defects and can someday become ready products. I mainly slip casting porcelain mass that is more difficut to throw an a wheel. 


3. Potter's wheel:


I use a potter's wheel in the workshop for making rotating shape (e.g. cups, pots, vases).. This is not a wooden big wheel that you may know from a visit to the pottery museum :) Today, potter's wheels are very technologically advanced, they can carry heavy loads during work, and work almost noiselessly. I use japanese made wheel from SHIMPO.


4. Metal oxides and ceramic chemistry


Everything around us is chemistry. Both we and ceramics :) I use chemistry in the form of powders to create glazes. These are mainly metal oxides such as copper, iron, cobalt oxide and less colored as ceramic frits (mainly silicon oxide, i.e. quartz + sodium oxide), zinc oxide, etc. All these materials look like "colored flour", but thanks to the right composition of these ingredients, crystalline crystals can grow. It's not magic, it's just chemistry! :)


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