How to use?

Below I would like to present a few good practices regarding caring for my ceramics:


1. I suggest ceramic cups to be washed by hand using common cleaning agents. Washing in the dishwasher and using very strong cleaning agents can discolor some enamel. Sometimes, to get interesting effect on enamel, I use mixtures susceptible to acid and alkaline factors. That is why I recommend manual cleaning.
Insides of cups and mugs cover with glaze mixtures resistant to the above factors.


2. Ceramic bowls and plates. If the crystalline glaze is on top of the object, do not use such ceramics for eating "wet" meals. This means that ceramic bowls do not serve to eat hot soup, but they are decorative objects. You can easily use the platter or plate to serve dry food, but use with a knife and fork can damage, scratch decorative enamel.


3. Teapots and teapots. The principle is similar to cups. Inside, I always use neutral and resistant glazes, while outside decorations are subject to special protection :), i.e. hand washing without using a dishwasher.

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